The Boot Light

A replica of an iconic sports shoe – complete with studs and go-faster stripes. But, this sports boot can’t be worn on your feet… it's a novelty light...

  • Colour changing light: watch the Boot glow from purple to pink to red to green, blue and back to purple again.
  • White light: the white colour way looks fresh and works well as a softly lit bedside lamp or stylish back drop for any room.
  • Battery or mains power: The Boot Light can be powered by battery or a mains power lead depending on whether you want it to be cordless or plugged in.*
  • Iconic: Looks great switched on or off - a style statement wherever you choose to put it!

*Batteries and a mains power adaptor are NOT included with this lamp. Batteries required: 3 x AA 1.5V/MN 1500/ LR6 OR can be used with a mains power adaptor: 5V DC 1 Amp Max.

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