Head Light

Fun and interactive – the new Spearmark Headlight is a three-in-one light in the shape of a DJ head complete with headphones and flat cap. Perfect for budding little DJ’s, it has a noise activated light in his mouth that bursts into action at the sound of a beat and has two light settings in his cap – white or changing colour. Dance around, clap your hands, sing with friends – Head Light will join in the fun and bring some serious light action to the party!

When all the fun is over and it is time for bed, Head Light can be switched to a calmer white light mode that works great for a reading, desk or comfort light.

Key features:
  • Noise activated mouth: His mouth flashes bright green when it hears a sound: clap, shout or stomp – the light will pulse in time to sound vibrations!
  • Battery or mains power: The Head Light can be powered by battery or a mains power lead depending on whether you want it to be cordless or plugged in.*

Light-up flat cap with 2 setting choices:
  • Colour changing light- watch his cap glow from purple to pink to red to green, blue and back to purple again.
  • White light- the white colour way looks vibrant and works well as a bedside lamp.

*Batteries and a mains power adaptor are NOT included with this lamp. Batteries required: 3 x AA 1.5V/MN 1500/ LR6 OR can be used with a mains power adaptor: 5V DC 1 Amp Max

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